Happiness Guarantee

Everything we deliver is 100% guaranteed! So, if there's ever anything that doesn't meet your expectations, just let us know and we'll happily apply a hassle-free credit to your account and exchange it for you.

Excelent Variety

We don’t produce anything. However, we are specialized in delivery service. Currently we have over 6500 products available in our mobile App. We offer lots of variety (based on seasonal availability) as well as the basic provisions you need every week. And we only pick the best stuff. If it's not great, we won't put it for you!

Purchase and Play

Each time you purchase, you will have a chance play a scarch card game from your mobile App as soon as your product are delivered at your door step. Here you will get a chance to win money in local currency which will be available in you App wallet and this you can use it for your next purchase.

No Compromise in Quality

You want to feed your family high-quality foods that are free of added hormones. But your family won’t eat anything that doesn’t taste good! You don’t have to compromise on serving your family high-quality, healthy food products. We only provide our customers with premium quality food items that are free of unnecessary additives.


We receive our Fruits, Veggies, Fish & Meats the same day we deliver them to you. So, unlike a retail store, the produce doesn't sit around – it's absolutely as fresh as possible.


Great Value

We deliver your ordered items the same day we get it! As a result, we have nil wastage, we keep our overheads low and we pass those savings onto you. You have options to save delivery charges while placing your order.

No Commitments

There are no commitments and absolutely no fees of any kind. There's no money up front and you only pay for the items you receive. If you want to change or cancel an order, you can do so with the click of a cancel button from our App or contact our customer care.